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Equine Assisted Learning emphasizes education, personal and professional growth, and developing life skills that can influence team dynamics. Outcomes often include more effective communication, increased assertiveness, enhanced creative thinking, improved problem solving, effective leadership and team building skills. Increased confidence is also typically realized after participating in EAL sessions.

In Stable Hands uses the Eagala model to facilitate Equine Assisted Learning sessions for individuals, couples, families and organizations.  

Through customized EAL programs, In Stable Hands helps facilitate team building and skills development for organizations of all kinds: corporations, boards of directors, social services personnel, management teams, school staff, health and wellness professionals, youth groups, law enforcement, and more. Workshops use the interaction between people and horses as the basis for personal growth and exploring group dynamics.


Because Equine Assisted Learning is so effective, it is considered a rapid approach to building life skills including nonverbal communication, leadership, empathy, teamwork, assertiveness, creative thinking, problem-solving, taking responsibility, confidence, efficiency and continuity in management.


Because horses are innately sensitive and open, interaction with them serves as a mirror of our emotions and our behavior. In Stable Hands sessions help individuals, couples, and groups discover positive solutions to real-life challenges. Participants are empowered by the lessons learned in the arena and actually translate that energy, attitude, and behavior when they return to the workplace, the family or school. EAL is an investment in your team that more than pays for itself in terms of camaraderie, productivity and member wellness and retention.


The intuitive animals are able to read and mirror the emotions and energy of the people around them, providing vast opportunities for metaphorical learning. Participants, gain awareness and are able to make positive changes in their lives through the horse/human interaction.

Girls Rule!


In Stable Hands' eight week Girls Rule! program geared toward young women ages 12-18, utilizes EAGALA Model Equine Assisted Growth and Learning to help them learn how to stand their ground when needed, practice self-care, and know when to ask for help. It is our intention to provide a safe, fun and challenging environment in which the participants may learn and grow. Through the powerful interaction with horses, young women explore important skills such as asserting healthy boundaries, managing obstacles, challenges and distractions, developing positive body image, and making empowered choices. Sessions are designed to foster self-reflection and target key strengths including leadership, independence, confidence, and perseverance.

Bullying Prevention and Resiliency


 In Stable Hands' eight week Bully Prevention / Intervention Program utilizes EAGALA Model Equine Assisted Growth and Learning to increase a child’s self-confidence, nurture empowerment through appropriate conflict-resolution, explore assertive communication, develop anger management skills, and provide a safe environment to have fun and strengthen self-care skills. The key goals of the program are to develop and explore emotional self-awareness through the use of perception, identify how problems are viewed and what strengths can be utilized to overcome challenges, explore control and the display of emotions to self and to others, look at differences and how to create tolerance in our lives, and finally to explore observations and perceptions and how they affect group dynamics. 

Beyond the Barn

 Beyond the Barn is an 8-week, group equine-assisted learning program for school-aged youth. Using horses as the key agents of connection and reflection, the In Stable Hands facilitators guide youth through a process of transformative change that supports the capacity to make pro-social connections beyond the barn. 

Team Building and Effectiveness Retreats


In Stable Hands' utilizes EAGALA Model Equine Assisted Team building to assist associates in exploring their individual and overall team effectiveness in the following ways: enhancement of effective communication, cohesion both intra and inter office, development of conflict resolution and customer satisfaction tools and identification of roles within the corporate arena. Whether your team be corporate, governmental, sports, executive, administrative or even family, Equine Assisted Team building is exciting, enlightening, and is retained. The key goals of the program are to increase employee engagement, navigate cultural differences, increase productivity, develop consistency of brand identity, and increase creativity within the workplace. This modality is strength based and solution focused.

Equine Assisted Team building translates what is learned in the board room into an experiential setting where the interaction with horses provides an opportunity for metaphorical learning. This modality is ideal for working with staff to adapt to a company’s new management style and initiatives, enhancing group dynamics, developing leadership skills during a crisis, or even preparing for an IRS audit.

Equine Assisted Team Building:

  • Cultivates empathy within the workplace
  • Navigates multicultural differences
  • Improves client services
  • Augments tolerance and respect among coworkers
  • Develops focus and goal-based thinking
  • Increases productivity, balance, and concentration
  • Inspires non-traditional problem-solving techniques
  • Fosters confidence and highlights personal strengths
  • Improves communication skills working cooperatively
  • Encourages individuality while accommodating collective goals
  • Stimulates mindfulness and clarity
  • Refines one’s ethical code and moral fiber
  • Enhances team members’ creativity, authenticity, and sense of achievement


Mindfulness with Horses

Immerse yourself in nature, and allow the fields, woods and horses to be a restorative balm – a catalyst to inspire and spark creativity, help set goals, or reboot. This is a perfect program for corporate leaders or anyone looking to practice being calm and assertive in the presence of horses, or to simply step out of a busy life and breathe in unison. Hiking and Horses brings two incredible worlds together via mindfulness, meditation & journal entries.

  • Participants are led through a mindful meditation, centered in breath and body awareness prior to taking the horses for a hike.
  • We will then hike with our equine partners through the beautiful fields and woods along a trail with a babbling brook, to a meditation sit spot.
  • You will then be guided in a solo sitting meditation, time will be allotted for journal entries and/or free association writing, or vision board inspiration.
  • We will then hike back to the ranch and have a moment to close the program.


Additional Group Topics

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Our team has a strong history of providing customized programs to children, youth, adults and seniors. We can customize each program to suit your specific needs. The Eagala model has a variety of curriculums and programs that we replicate with our horses on the farm or location of your choice. Some ideas for consideration include: 

Anger Management

Trauma-Informed Intervention for  Individuals and Groups

Sibling and Family Bonding

Sessions for Military and Families

Personal Growth

Professional Development

Relationship Coaching

Communication Skills

Confidence & Personal Power

Inner Peace & Meditation

Achieving Balance

Health & Wellness